lLUMA Intense Body Lotion offers a powerful solution for areas of discoloration and age spots that develop on the body due to sun exposure and aging. It contains hydrating botanical oils that drench skin with moisture, along with potent brightening agents that time-release deep into the dermis to unveil more radiant, even-toned skin from the neck down.


SKIN TYPE: Skin discolorations, age spots, uneven skin tone, dark areas on skin.


BENEFITS: VECTORIZE TECHNOLOGY® delivers a complex of encapsulated ingredients time-released up to 48 hours for a long lasting, intense effect. Formulated by plastic surgeons. Exclusive brightening formula.


DIRECTIONS: Apply and massage morning and evening to thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated skin. Should not be used on the face.



  • Vectorize Technology®
  • (dipeptide-16)
  • Licorice root extract
  • Indian Kudzu (pueraria tuberosa leaf cell extract)
  • (bellis perennis L.) daisy flower blossoms
  • (turmeric root extract)
  • (bidens pilosa), hairy beggartricks
  • Linseed, cotton and sea-buckthorn oil

ILUMA Intense Lightening Body Lotion