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TCA PEEL                                                                                                                            

Exceptional treatment for aging skin, fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. TCA Peels are especially beneficial in hydration, brightening and plumping. TCA  breaks up keratin, a protein found in the skin. This causes the keratin to stop functioning properly, lighten in color and peel away from the skin over the course of several days. As the layers of damaged skin are removed, healthier, smoother skin is revealed beneath. While a light peel only affects the outer most layer of skin, the epidermis, a medium peel can penetrate the papillary dermis below to treat deeper damage.



                       JESSNER PEEL 

Jessner peels and a modified Jessner peels are medium depth chemical peels that help to resurface the skin. A Jessner peel is a combination of Salicylic Acid, Lactic acid, Resorcinol and often Hydroquinone. Salicylic acid is a beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) used for exfoliation, Lactic Acid is used as a moisturizer, Resorcinol acts as an antiseptic and Hydroquinone reduces pigmentation. When  Resorcinol is replaced by alpha-hydroxy acids like Glycolic Acid or Azelaic Acid, this makes the treatment considered a modified Jessner peel.

Posh-Aesthetics, Chemical Peels
  • Both TCA and Jessner peels provide great results to address chief skin concerns. While TCA peels are generally great for aging and mature skin due to the hydrating properties, Jessner peels are a powerful treatment to combat acne prone skin and skin that tends to be more oily. 

  • Each peel will vary some while healing. Typically there will be light to moderate flaking and peeling depending on the strength and number of layers of the peel. Not all skin "peels" the same. Just because the skin does not actually peel or flake in all areas treated, does not mean the ingredients are not in the skin doing "their job." Certain areas of the skin are naturally more prone to desquamation (shedding) of the skin. 

  • Most clients experience about 1 week of downtime. You may experience slight pinkness to the skin and or feel a bit itchy, similar feeling to a sunburn. Typically the week after the peel is complete there will be visible changes in the skin. You can expect the skin to have an overall brighter appearance, a more even tone and texture. A healthy, fresh glow!

Benefits of Chemical Peels

Both TCA and Jessner have great potential to aid in the health of your skin. Your Aesthetician will determine which peel is best suited to address your needs. ​Both offer a variety benefits.

  • Minimal downtime, Approximately 1 week 

  • Little to no pain or discomfort

  • Reduction in the appearance of scars

  •  Slows the signs of aging

  • Reduces hyperpigmentation and sun damage.

  • Helps to remove PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation)

  • Smooths the skins tone and texture

  • Can be done on a regular basis to maintain a healthy glow


  • All skin types are able to tolerate TCA chemical peels, although not necessarily at high concentrations. Caution must be taken with individuals who are low on the Fitzpatrick scale or  for those who are higher on the Fitzpatrick. Typically the 1's and the 6's . As those skin tones tend to be more sensitive and reactive. 

  • The ideal candidate for a Jessner peel is acne prone, clients with  Melasma, skin pigmentation concerns, freckles, or sun damage. Jessner peels are not recommended for those with darker skin tones due to the risk of hypopigmentation. (A loss of pigment)


  • Use of Accutane within 8 months

  • Retinols, Retin-A, or other topical medications that exfoliate or thin the skin within 1-2 weeks prior

  • Recent cosmetic surgery, laser resurfacing, deep or medium depth chemical peels or dermabrasion (within 4-8 weeks)

  • Severe rosacea

  • Pregnancy, Breast-feeding

  • Sunburn or irritated skin

  • Open sores or lesions

  • Infectious disease

  • Active Herpes simple

  • High blood pressure

  • Heart disease

  • Permanent cosmetics–wait 7 days then cover with occlusive barrier

Pre Treatment Instruction 

  • Discontinue the use of any topical prescriptions, i.e; Retin-A,/Retinol, Isotretinoion, Differin, Tazorac, Avage, EpiDuo or Ziana for at least 7 days prior to the peel. 

  • Stop the use of Accutane up to 8 months prior.

  • Do not come in with a sunburn.

Post Treatment Instruction 

Like all clinical grade treatments at POSH, after care instructions will be provided, along with the appropriate after care product. It's important to follow these instructions precisely to ensure the most amazing results! 

  • No sun for a minimum of 7 days after the peel.

  • Do not get the skin wet for the 1st 12 hours post treatment

  • No exercise for a minimum of 48 hours following the peel.

  • Keep internally cool and no excessive sweating. No hot steamy showers, saunas, hot tubs etc. Excessive heat can cause adverse reactions such as blistering, rashes and burning.

  • Avoid rubbing the eye area. As the peel is not applied on the eyelid or the under eye, it is applied to the orbital bone and above they eye brow.

  • No swimming.

  • No tanning beds

TCA | Pricing 

TCA Peel - Best for aging skin, helps to improve overall tone and texture, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, reduces and helps to combat hyperpigmentation.                                             


Package of 3 TCA Peels                                                     


Jessner | Pricing

Jessner Peel - Help those with acne, or acne prone skin, acne scarred skin, PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and Melasma.                                                                       


Package of 3 Jessner Peels                                           


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