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Q. Does the skin actually peel?
A. Each peel is a case by case scenario. Typically there will be light to moderate flaking and peeling depending on the strength and number of layers of the peel. 

Q. If my skin does not actually peel will the peel still work?
A. YES, not all skin "peels" the same. Just because the skin does not actually peel or flake, does not mean the ingredients are not in the skin doing "their job."

Q. How will the skin feel post peel?
A. You may experience slight pinkness to the skin and or feel a bit itchy, similar feeling to a sunburn.

Q. Are there any pre-preperperation guidelines to follow?
A. YES, discontinue the use of any topical prescriptions, i.e; Retin-A,/Retinol, Isotretinoion, Differin, Tazorac, Avage, EpiDuo or Ziana for at least 7 days prior to the peel and 7 days post peel.  Stop the use of Accutane up to 6 months prior. Do not come in with a sunburn.

Q. Is there discomfort with the application process?
A. There may be some discomfort associated with the peel such as stinging, pin-prickling sensation, some heat and tightness. There is cooling between layers to assure as much  comfort as possible.

Q. Will there be visible results with one treatment?
A. Typically the week after the peel is complete there will be visible changes in the skin. You can expect the skin to have an overall brighter appearance, a more even tone and texture. A healthy, fresh glow!

Q. How many treatments are need to correct a skin condition?
A. It's difficult to say exactly how many treatments are needed to correct the skin. Many factors play into this. How deep is the pigmentation, how sever is the acne? What is suggested is to start with a small series. After 2~3 treatments, you will see visible changes and know if this is the right direction for your skin.

Q. What is the suggested frequency of peels?
A. All peels vary. PCA peels are recommended evry 4~6 weeks. If you are working on acne, every 2 weeks is ideal. Hyperpigmentation,  3 weeks is ideal. All based no how sever the condition. Consult with your Aesthetician.

Q. Is it ok to peel the skin when it starts flaking?
A. NO, absolutely not. Peeling o tearing the skin prematurely can damage and cause pigmentation to the new skin.

Q. How long is the actual peeling process?
A. Each skin type will vary, but the "typical" timeframe expected to start peeling would be day 3. The peeling "typically" will last for 2~4 days. Some skin types take longer to start the peeling process while others start right on day 3.  Your initial peel should be mild and will help determine your skins reactions.

Q. Are there certain activities that should be avoided immediately after the peel?
A. YES, absolutely NO sun for a minimum of 7 days after the peel. No exercise for a minimum of 48 hours following the peel. Keep internally cool and no excessive sweating. No hot steamy showers, saunas, hot tubs etc. Excessive heat can cause adverse reactions such as blistering, rashes and burning. Avoid rubbing the eye area. As the peel is not applied on the eyelid or the under eye, it is applied to the orbital bone and above they eye brow. No swimming.

Q. Is there a particular way to care for the skin post peel?
A. YES, Certain ingredients do not mix with active ingredients, consult with your Aesthetician regarding options and  suggestions on skin care post peel.

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