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Anti-aging | skin rejuvination | cosmetic tattooing 


welcome to POSH aesthetics

POSH Aesthetics specializes in clinical procedures with emphasis on anti-aging, skin tightening and resurfacing. Our clinic also performs micro-pigmentation (permanent cosmetic) treatments. We have an impeccable reputation amongst our cliental and are highly sought after for Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening. At POSH, it's a priority to stay up to date with the most innovative and advanced, procedures that deliver optimal results.

Each procedure offered at POSH is customized to aid the health of various skin types and conditions by correcting skin concerns from the inside out. Whether your skin is distressed over hyper-pigmentation, aging, acne, scaring or have a sensitive skin type, POSH is highly experienced and trained in medical grade treatments and procedures that will transform and allow your skin to age with health and grace.


Creating beautiful and symmetrical brows with the application of semi-permanent makeup is a fine art. It takes technical precision, and true artistry. There is a multitude of pin point accuracies that need to be decided prior to any procedure, from brows to lips and eyeliner. Telsha has a highly trained eye and carefully considers placement and  point of application to create the perfect balance and natural color to compliment your face. 


At POSH we proudly stand by our work and value our clients like friends and family... we welcome you to our studio!

meet the creator

Telsha Kareen is a double board certified, licensed Medical Aesthetician, Micro-Pigmentation Practitioner and Fibroblast Technician. With over 12 years industry experience Telsha has worked along side and trained with some of the best Medical Aesthetic Doctors & Trainers in both Southern & Northern California. Telsha has been a creator and artist from a very young age and has been able to combine that talent and inspiration for art and aesthetics into her business of beauty. 


We specialize in the most advanced and innovative skin rejuvination treatments in the industry. Visit our services and scuedule a consultation to see what is best suited for you!


See for yourself. A photo is worth a thousand words.

Semi | Permanent Cosmetics is a fine art that takes technical precision. Our practitioner has an expert eye in creating beauty!


At POSH Aesthetics we believe that at home care is equally as important as professional treatments in our clinic. We use the most advanced and scientifically formulated skin care line on the market that will transform your home care routine. 

"The key to youthful, beautiful skin is healthy skin."
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